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Everyone is talking about E-Commerce

         .The latest estimates for the 1998 holiday season range from 300% to 400% increase over the previous year (1997.)  What is even more striking, however, is the estimate by Price Waterhouse, in their annual technology forecast, that business-to- business trading doubled every three to four months in 1998.  Whether  business is consumer based or business-to-business, therefore, on-line commerce is the wave of the future.    


          Many economists believe that e-commerce is driving the U.S. economy.  A U.S. Government report, "The Emerging Digital Economy," states that the extensive growth of the economy is being fueled by high-tech industry and e-commerce which will, according to a report by MSNBC, prove to be the epicenter of future economic growth in the U.S.

          Since money doesn't grow on trees, as the saying goes, where is it coming from?  The same place it always did, except now it is being spent in a virtual environment at the expense of the physical one.  People are using the Internet from the comfort of their own homes or offices, procuring loans, banking,  making travel arrangements, purchasing insurance, stamps, even groceries, keeping up with the news and furthering their education.  The Internet is affordable, convenient and saves time. 

          Those businesses not already on the Internet are clamoring to establish a presence but, as many businesses already on-line have learned, the mere possession of a web site is not a path to instant wealth.  A successful web site requires thoughtful consultation between the developer and the client, to determine expectations and realistic goals.  Working with an experienced web development company such as I-Browse Inc. will ensure that a company's web site is not just a pretty collection of graphics and words, operating in a cyber-vacuum .

          Strategically, I-Browse Inc. will approach your web site as part of a well-balanced marketing program, developing a hard working marketing tool designed to get results and increase sales.  If you like our bottom-line approach to Web Site Development,
contact us online or call for a consultation.